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Chepang children get new school building!

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As we know ,Chepangs are one of the most deprived, disadvantaged and backward indigenous ethnic communities of Nepal, it is essential that they have to be given good opportunity of education to uplift their life standard.
Considering this Chepang School had been established in cooperation with Little Flower Society, Nepal.

The school was established six years ago by a team of Catholic missionaries led by Father Michael Chirayath on a rented building at Jaimangal in Ratnanagar Municipality-13.
The missionaries’ aim was to impart free education to the Chepang children.
Built with a cost of around Rs 20 million, the new school building has 27 rooms. It will be the new learning centre for the Chepang children.

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The school that began with 70 children now has over 300 students. The school provides free education, books, food and boarding facilities. Presently, they teach till the eighth grade and now they are planning to upgrade the school up to the higher secondary level.

One of the biggest buildings in the area, the school is visible to anyone travelling on the East West Highway.

Protestants and Catholics!

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Despite of studying in Little Flower (a catholic school) for last complete 10 years of my life, I didn’t know how they are different from other Christians, especially Protestants!!!
Have you ever wondered about the difference between Catholics and Protestants?
British Queen is not allowed to marry with Catholic Man. She must marry a Protestant Man.
The main issue is Catholics and Protestants have understood the Bible differently. Protestants blame that this is the result of Catholics believing what certain individuals and traditions have said, rather than what God has said through the Bible.
Catholics wanted the Pope to be head of Church
Protestants wanted the King to be head of Church!!!
Catholics accepts 'prayer to saints and Mary'
Protestants Reject 'prayer to saints and Mary'

Spelling Contest and Deusi-Bhailo Result!

Spelling Contest (Senior) Result                       Deusi-Bhailo Competition Result

1st : Green House                                                                     1st : Yellow House

2nd : Yellow House                                                                   2nd: Green House

3rd : Blue House                                                                       3rd: Blue House    

4th : Red House                                                                        4th :Red House     

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Celebrations - Little Flower School !

LFS (Little Flower School) seems to be giving importance on celebrations! Looks as if it loves celebrating every festivals and occasions (an opportunity to develop the relation between Little Flowerers and Teachers!) Deuso-Bhailo program and Teacher's day have been recently organised in the school. 

''Click on image to enlarge it''
Teacher's day Celebrations to honour the teachers for their special contribution in a particular field area or the community in general.

Tihar  is especially famous for Deusi and Bhailo, light and fireworks. Deusi and Bhailo are the songs which have only been sung on those Tihar days.

Home of Jesus settling in our school!

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Church has been built in our school. 
Jesus has been regarded as 'light of the world' since many centuries. 
Jesus Christ said that He would build His Church and that it would never die out. We can see the shadow of the same Church in our LFS.
Right now I want you to do some careful thinking about the role that the church will play in students development. Obviously, it is optimistic! 
Thank you Father JoJo and LFS Governing body for coming with such a brilliant idea!